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Hit! Matcha Lemon Gummies add zing! to your day with the uplifting flavor of freshly juiced lemon and the energy boost of premium matcha green tea. Along with full spectrum hemp extract, Hit! Matcha Lemon Gummies keep you both physically relaxed and mentally alert, ready to tackle anything life throws at you.

What is Matcha?
Matcha is a type of finely ground green tea powder, traditionally cultivated and prepared in Japan. It is made from shade-grown tea leaves, which are meticulously ground into a vibrant green powder. Unlike steeped green tea, when consuming matcha you’re ingesting the whole tea leaf, which results in a more concentrated flavor and a higher concentration of nutrients. Matcha has a distinct earthy and slightly bitter taste and is often used in various culinary and beverage applications. It's renowned for its potential health benefits and cultural significance, particularly in Japanese tea ceremonies.

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Ingredients: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Fruit pectin, Citric acid, Hemp distillate, Natural flavors, Organic Matcha, Natural colors.

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Customer Stories

Gummies that work

I’m 73 years old and have been suffering with neuropathy in my feet and legs. I also need a knee replacement which I’m trying to put off until next year. I’m here to say hit balm gummies do the trick. I take one at night and no pain and I sleep like a baby. Oh and did I say they taste awesome.

Nita J, Aug. '21

So good

The most peaceful relaxed feeling ever. I already loved the oil but these are awesome as well

Sheila, Mar. '23

I had tried SO many other Hemp balms -Lidocaine, etc. and nothing helped...not even the prescriptions. So I fully expected to have the same results as usual... Within a couple of minutes I was SPEECHLESS! I can't believe the relief I get from this balm!! If you haven't tried it yet - TRY IT!!

Betsy, Feb. '23

I have been using this on my patients after acupuncture treatments. It really helps with the pain and they have been using it at home. It penetrates deeply with no greasy feeling and the smell is pleasant.

Anne, Nov. '22

Love the container and that I can throw it in my purse to keep it handy, I have been using it on my knees when I go walking. It really helps alleviate any pain. I've also used it on my neck and shoulders. This is definitely my go-to when I need muscle pain relief!

Pam, Nov. '22

I suffer from extreme knee, hip and lower back pain when I try to sleep and a small amount gave me the much longed after relief from the pain and I was finally able to sleep longer than 4 hours.

Michelle, Aug. '22

I have been ordering the balms from Hit balm and it really does work for my back pain. I have tried other creams from the store and none of them work. I have told my family and friends about Hit! Balm and my brother now orders from them. I highly suggest people try their products.

Kathryn, Aug. '22

Received a sample packet of Hit! Balm & used it several times (a little goes a long way) on my neck, shoulder, arm, & hand & it absolutely helped reduce the pain & stiffness each time I tried it. It is much better, than icy hot or biofreeze etc. I'd definitely recommend switching to Hit! Balm as it really does work so much better.

Celeste, Jun. '21

My son has been dealing with growing pains in his legs. I've been messaging this into his legs the last few days and its helping more than anything else we have tried. I decided to try it on my pulled muscle and holy baby batman! It worked so well. More than the multiple physical therapy has. Ill be ordering more for sure!!!

Danielle, Jan. '20

Tasty & Effective

I love Hit Zen Gummies after an intense day of exercise. As a distance runner, I often have tired legs at the end of my day, especially when combined with strength training. These gummies help my legs relax and feel soothed so that I can get a great night's sleep and can start over the next day feeling refreshed and ready to go. They are a perfect sweet treat with no weird aftertaste.

Virginia, Feb. '22

“I love gummies...and I hand make these in extremely small batches. With fresh lemon juice and Japanese Matcha, these gummies are loaded with heaps of zesty goodness. I hope you like them as much as I do.”

Co-founder & Creator of Hit! Balm, Lawrence Miller, L.Ac.

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