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Very Relaxing....

I was using Melatonin, and the gummies were ten times better. It was a nice relaxing, peaceful feeling. Thank you Hit!


Superior products

As with Hit! Balm, Zen gummies have been an excellent addition for both my wife and myself.
We get better sleep, relief from anxiety, and depression.
Thanks for another great product!

Jack W.


Breaking the pain-sleep cycle

Natural remedies, combined with other treatments like acupuncture, can help to break the cycle of pain and sleep disturbances, leading to better health and a better quality of life.

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Can CBD and CBN help with insomnia?

1 in 3 adultsin the US don'tget enough sleep, according to the CDC; to extend the point,half of all Americansreport feeling sleepy during the day the majority of the week. CBD and CBN may provide the answer to insomnia and getting deeper sleep.

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Oil or Gummies: Which is best?

For acute pain or anxiety attacks, oil is a good option, while gummies work well for chronic pain, sleep disorders, or generalized anxiety.

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Delicious and oh so effective
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Try our amazing Moon Gummies with 25MG CBD, 10MG CBN, and Reishi Mushroom. Real blackberry flavor. Entirely plant based, real fruit, and organic full spectrum hemp.