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Very Relaxing....

I was using Melatonin, and the gummies were ten times better. It was a nice relaxing, peaceful feeling. Thank you Hit!


Great product!

I get the best sleep without any hangover or sluggishness the next morning. I usually get 2-3 hours max before pain wakes me up. Tried prescriptions, otc products, herbals, hypnosis and more. Hit! products work!

Claudia G.


Breaking the pain-sleep cycle

Natural remedies, combined with other treatments like acupuncture, can help to break the cycle of pain and sleep disturbances, leading to better health and a better quality of life.

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Can CBD and CBN help with insomnia?

1 in 3 adultsin the US don'tget enough sleep, according to the CDC; to extend the point,half of all Americansreport feeling sleepy during the day the majority of the week. CBD and CBN may provide the answer to insomnia and getting deeper sleep.

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Oil or Gummies: Which is best?

For acute pain or anxiety attacks, oil is a good option, while gummies work well for chronic pain, sleep disorders, or generalized anxiety.

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