100% Natural Topicals
for Pain Relief

Plant based, chemical and petroleum free


Amazing product

This is an amazing product that gives much needed relief almost instantly. My husband has a physically demanding job and always has aches and pains. We buy nothing else. This is his go to… before the pills and heating pad.

Traci V.

Fast Relief

I have whole body nerve and muscle pain. I cannot believe how amazing this product is. It’s natural and it gets the job done where many others have failed. I live with chronic pain and nothing helps but HIT BALM can definitely bring relief. I love it. I recommend this product to everyone.

Gina M.


Natural solutions for back pain

When it comes to managing back pain, a holistic approach that considers both physical and emotional aspects of well-being can be highly beneficial.

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Understanding pain and how to fight it

Nociceptive, neuropathic, and nociplastic pain all have different causes and symptoms, and therefore, different treatment approaches.

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Oil or Gummies: Which is best?

For acute pain or anxiety attacks, oil is a good option, while gummies work well for chronic pain, sleep disorders, or generalized anxiety.

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An intro pack of best sellers
More samples?

Want to try a variety of our best-selling Hit! products? Our Intro Pack includes samples of Hit! Balm Extra Relief and Daily Relief, cinnamon flavor Hit! Daily Drops to reduce stress and anxiety, and delicious Zen Gummies to restore your calm and zen. We think you’ll love them!