About Hit!

About Us
We are committed to caring for the people in the world around us with the most effective 100% plant based, medicinal alternatives to pharmaceuticals. We combine the highest grade hemp cannabidiol (CBD) with centuries old traditional formulas. We create products that provide relief for people with acute pain, chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia, to enable them to recover fast. Our CBD is third party tested and we guarantee our products meet their stated potency, to help you manage pain. 

Our Hit! Formula
The Dit Da Jow or ‘Hit Medicine’  I use in my acupuncture practice was inherited from a friend, mentor and gifted herbalist named Frederick Obey, who opened the legendary Santa Monica-based store, Herb King. It was a place that students and practitioners of herbal medicine went to spend time studying and discussing Chinese herbs, though we expanded our offerings to include high-quality, medical-grade essential oils and western herbs as well. My foundation as a herbalist was laid at Herb King, and when the shop closed after the untimely passing of Frederick, it was his Dit Da Jow recipe, passed down from his kung fu master, that inspired the Jow that I use in my practice and has been soaking in alcohol since 2006. This is the foundation for Hit formulas. 

Co-founder Lawrence Miller L.Ac.

Dit da jow (Hit medicine) our herbal formula


Before CBD balms, lotions and salves came to market, Chinese medicine practitioners have been using Dit Da Jow to great effect. While CBD on its own is a powerful and effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound, the combination of CBD with our proprietary cohort of Dit Da Jow herbs is what makes Hit! products so effective. Frankly, even if Hit Balm didn’t have CBD-loaded hemp extract in it, the Chinese Dit Da Jow herbs in Hit Balm would make it potent; the CBD, however, supercharges it. Every time you use Hit Balm, know that aside from the more recently-discovered benefit of CBD, there are 2000 years of herbal wisdom packed into there as well. In addition to the quality of our base oils and plant essences, it’s one of the things that sets Hit Balm apart: Hit Balm has Qi.