Hit! Balm partners with Blading Cup

Hit! Balm partners with Blading Cup

Hit! CBD will be supporting “BLADING CUP 2019” along with 160 Competitors from 20 countries, this week Nov 1st & 2nd in Downtown Santa Ana. Here is Hit CBD’s, Ryan Jacklone’s 2nd street course run, in the 1996 XGames, landing his signature "Misty Flip”.

Come say hi! at the Blading Cup, this Thursday and Friday and grab some free Hit CBD samples. East End Downtown Santa Ana.  http://www.bladingcup.com/

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  • Deena

    OMG!! HIT! BALM Does exactly what it says it will do. It all started with me looking for natural pain relief. I suffer with EVANS SYNDROME.. joint pain constantly.. Cure or relief from MD viewpoint.. Opiates. Vicodine.. Morphine.. Codeine etc.. Immune and still pain.. I receive my sample of this rub.. I was sceptical.. I tried it.. I ordered the MEGA.. IT TOOK 4 MINUTES from time I put on til I felt numbing relief… The aroma is so comforting and I swear I’m telling everyone one about this balm… I also IM someone on website to ask questions and discuss the product with.. T hat person was so nice and helpful.. I am the kind who will not spend unless I know for sure it works.. All I can say is PLEASE GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE and try for yourself.. IT REALLY WORKS.. I WOULDN’T JUST SAY IT.. I BOUGHT THE TIN… that’s how sure I am.. I am wanting the cbd next.. You guys it’s 6Stars and THUMBS UP👍.. GET YOUR HIT!!!!

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