CBD for recovery and flow

CBD for recovery and flow
HitBalm, HitBomb, and HitDrops help skiers and boarders get the most out of every run by improving flow, easing pain and speeding recovery . CBD combined with our organic, plant based ingredients provide a natural method to ensure athletes are performing at their peak.

CBD Improves Flow
CBD naturally reduces anxiety without intoxication helping athletes tame butterflies without dulling reflexes. For casual athletes, this effect can lead to what can best be described as increased flow boosting performance and enjoyment.

CBD Speeds Recovery While Fighting Inflammation and Pain
Unlike other chemical or pharmaceutical based anti-inflammatories, CBD is easy on your stomach and skin. Combined with the additional herbs and extractions in our products, HitBalm, HitBomb and HitDrops can improve blood flow to damaged tissues, reduce swelling, decrease pain and help protect muscle re-growth.

CBD and HitDrops Help with Deeper Sleep
Perhaps nothing enhances your performance and enjoyment like a good night's sleep. CBD is well known for its relaxing effect and ability to enhance sleep allowing the body to naturally recover. HitDrops are also the perfect complement in your coffee if you have overindulged the night before and can reduce the impact of jet lag.

All of our products include Colorado grown Hemp Extracts. All are batched tested for contaminants and potency and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. A good starting dosage of HitDrops is a half dropper which is 0.5ml and contains 17mg of CBD with other beneficial cannabinoids. HitBalm should be applied generously and rubbed in deeply on areas that are sore and will typically provide 4-6 hours of relief.

Try It For Yourself
While there is an ever growing body of scientific confirmation of CBD's efficacy, the easiest way to understand the benefits is to experience them. Please let us know if you would like a free sample of our Balm or a bottle of our oil with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Christopher JM

    Great article and couldn’t agree more with the benefits of improving my performance by maximizing my recovery with HitBalm and HitDrops.

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