Hit! back at sore muscles! As seen in Black Belt Magazine.

Hit! back at sore muscles! As seen in Black Belt Magazine.

In practically every physical pursuit that has the potential to leave your muscles feeling sore after a good workout, people are talking about CBD. The initialism stands for cannabidiol, a substance that many regards as a miracle worker. Problem is, you need to be selective when it comes to sourcing your CBD because some unscrupulous sellers are passing along subpar versions. Buying from Hit Balm will enable you to avoid that problem. The company uses pure plant extract and follows "harm-free" practices. It's made in California, which means it's processed according to the highest standards. On top of all that, it's organic. The next time you find yourself in need of pain relief, visit hitbalm.com for a free sample.



  • Wendy O’Kray

    Just tried the sample of Hit! Balm. I work in a warehouse putting orders together. I average walking 5 miles a day on concrete floors. Also, I am a 49 year old menopausal arthritic diabetic. I have to say, using the Hit! Balm has made the aches & pains so much more bearable! I just ordered more product, as I donmt want to be without it!

  • Jack Wehr

    I’m coming at this from a chronic pain patient of 30 years, having to depend on oral medication to live.
    I have tried so many blams, rubs, even compounded rx rubs with little benifits. I have no connection with this company, this review is strictly to help others suffering from pain.
    First, I ordered their free balm sample. My wife has fibro and a physically demanding job. I used the sample on her hands, she was in agony. Within 20 mins she was asleep. I asked her when she woke up 4 hrs later how her pain was, she looked at her hands with tears, said the pain is almost gone.
    I immediately ordered the 2 oz tin, used on all my trouble spots, started working immediately, and when I got up this am, it was still working.
    It worked on every spot, neck shoulder, lower back, knees, and painful nerve pain in feet. It worked on every area. That is a miracle in my book.
    Try the sample, make sure that you rub in real good. Costumer service is amazing. We will be customers for life.
    Great job hit balm!

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